About Ingeniarius


Intelligent Systems and Robotics


INGENIARIUS mission is to generate and commercialize new state-of-the-art products and services within the mobile robotics domain.

System Policy

As part of INGENIARIUS business, we are committed to:

  • Provide reliable and disruptive services and products
  • Strengthen the relationship with customers and other relevant stakeholders by meeting their needs and surpassing their expectations
  • Establish partnerships and networking with academic and non-academic institutions to foster collaborative R&D&I
  • Comply with applicable legislation and regulatory requirements in all our services and solutions
  • Supervise, engage and train the Ingeniarius team

Quality and Innovation

Risk-based thinking is present in all our team so that our actions are conditioned by the risk that arises in a given situation. We adopt a preventive strategy in all our R&D&I processes and phases of the value chain by:

  • Adopting R&D&I management tools and standards
  • Establishing a proactive culture of self-improvement
  • Systematically enhancing acceptability, trustworthiness and usability of our solutions
  • Ensuring consistency in the quality of our services and products
  • Improving customer and other stakeholders’ trust and satisfaction

At INGENIARIUS, we formally apply a risk assessment to:

  • Objectives inherent to the strategic deployment of the management system policy
  • Value chain processes that have a decisive influence on meeting the needs and expectations of our customers
  • Prior to the execution of R&D&I projects
  • Improvement and corrective actions to meet opportunities and minimize negative effects on the SGQI and on stakeholders


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