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R&D Service Provider

We offer a broad range of R&D services in most engineering-related topics; from robotics to sports engineering.


Ingeniarius provides Research and development (R&D) services with the intent to promote original investigation or apply research findings to exploit specific engineering problems. We offer internal, external and even joint R&D services in the several fields of engineering, including robotics, mechatronics, automation, image processing, computer science, sports engineering, social engineering and others. Our R&D services include, but are not limited to:

– Software development and simulation;
– Design and development of new or improved technologies, including CAD;
– Improvement of already existing products, processes, systems and services through state-of-the-art methods;
– Advance industry and technology by creating scientific knowledge, namely mathematical and computational methods;
– Convert new R&D solutions into marketable or economically feasible products or processes;
– Writing, proofreading and evaluation of scientific papers;
– Design and data acquisition of experimental setups.

Solutions Ingeniarius


Ingeniarius’ team is experienced in the full chain of mechatronics development – mechanics, electronics and software (both low-level and high-level). We have been developing robots and other solutions, from which the portfolio includes, but is not limited to:

    • Full development of unmanned field robots, namely for ground, aerial and underwater applications
    • Robotization of existing vehicles, such as electric cars and heavy-duty SAE J1939 machines
    • PID, fuzzy and other controllers designed for multiple driving systems (differential, skid-steer, Ackerman, omnidirectional, …)
    • Optimization routines for self-tuning parameters
    • Robot Operating System (ROS) drivers for hardware integration and abstraction
    • AR-based equipment, such as head-mounted displays and body-motion sensing
    • Positioning system for collective sports
    • Motion capture suits
    • Non-invasive physiological data acquisition

Pervasive Localization

Be it in mobile robots or wearables, Ingeniarius has long experience in pervasive localization, both for indoors or outdoors, as is the case of its proprietary ultra-wideband positioning system. This, together with other sensing sources, namely inertial measurement units, have been integrated to provide real time tracking of mobile elements without a time-consuming deployment of the infrastructure. Ingeniarius’ pervasive localization approaches have been evaluated in several applications:

  • Localize robotic teams in GPS-denied environments
  • Support navigation of lawn mowing robots without relying on boundary wires
  • Track football, basketball and hockey players in the field
  • Evaluate alternative localization solutions, such as vision-based pedestrian tracking and GPS-RTK

Multi-robot coordination

Swarm robotics, multi-robot patrolling, formation control and other multi-robot coordination architectures are part of Ingeniarius’ expertise since the very beginning. Those approaches have been evaluated in multiple robotic domains over the past few years, which include:

  • Bayesian-based infrastructure inspection and surveillance
  • Swarm-based forestry and agricultural landscape maintenance
  • Leader-follower control for water quality monitoring
Artificial Intelligence - Ingeniarius

Artificial Intelligence

AI, as one of the hottest R&D topics out there, has also been exploited by Ingeniarius, mostly by resorting to traditional classification approaches and deep learning. Some of the most typical domains Ingeniarius has applied AI are:

  • Object recognition
  • Semantic mapping
  • Pedestrian tracking
  • Human activity recognition