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We offer a broad range of R&D services in most engineering-related topics; from robotics to sports engineering.

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Ingeniarius provides Research and development (R&D) services with the intent to promote original investigation or apply research findings to exploit specific engineering problems. We offer internal, external and even joint R&D services in the several fields of engineering, including robotics, mechatronics, automation, image processing, computer science, sports engineering, social engineering and others. Our R&D services include, but are not limited to:

Software development and simulation
Design and development of new or improved technologies, including CAD
Improvement of already existing products, processes, systems and services through state-of-the-art methods
Advance industry and technology by creating scientific knowledge, namely mathematical and computational methods
Convert new R&D solutions into marketable or economically feasible products or processes
Writing, proofreading and evaluation of scientific papers
Design and data acquisition of experimental setups