Quick Overview

Forte is a mobile robotic platform ideal for research and industrial applications. Forte is a robust omnidirectional platform that can carry more than 100 Kg - ideal to move materials around a manufacturing facility or a warehouse. Moreover, Forte is equipped with a 6 degree of freedom manipulator that enables the interaction with the surrounding environment so as to, for instance, deliver the load.

More Info

Forte is the ideal semi-industrial R&D robotic platform, featuring:
* Robust metallic structure to support heavy loads (>100Kg)
* 16 ultrasonic sensors for safe navigation
* Kinect v2 Time-of-Flight camera, ideal for SLAM
* Omnidirectional drive mechanism with four independent high-power and high-resolution encoders (controller included)
* 6 degree of freedom robotic manipulator (controller included)
* Internal CPU for high-level programming Intel®NUC D54250WYK
* Internal controller for low-level programming Arduino MEGA ADK
* More than 4 hours of energy autonomy in full operation (internal LiFeYPO4 battery and charger included)